Monday, August 3, 2015

Bare-necked Umbrellabird at El Copé

Camilo and Darién Montañez and César Trejos found a female Bare-necked Umbrellabird at El Copé on the morning of Sunday, August 2. The bird perched quietly on a low branch near the intersection of Las Ranas Trail and the Sendero Auxiliar.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Peruvian Booby and White Pelican, still around

Mario Ocaña sent us these photos of a Peruvian Booby seen at Peñón de San José on July 19 and of an American White Pelican at Panamá Viejo on July 22.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Fledgeling Spot-crowned Barbets at Achiote, a report by Bill Adsett

Mariló Castro had been monitoring daily for months an active Spot-crowned Barbet nest in a hole in a dead trunk behind CEASPA's El Tucán Community Center at Achiote, Colón. On June 9 she and I (visiting for the day) were alarmed to find that the nest had been ripped open all the way down one side during the night or extremely early in the morning, and the adult and young birds were nowhere to be found. It was feared a predator had taken them. But then a barbet was heard vocalising nearby and we were relieved to find both parents and two fledglings safe and sound in a fruiting tree. One fledgling was in male plumage, the other in female plumage (is this unusual?). The male parent was feeding the female fledgling (and vocalising) and the female parent was feeding the male fledgling. Despite having left the nest for the first time only a few hours previously, both young birds were jumping from branch to branch and flying strongly and proficiently.

The young male had been seen before peering out of the nest waiting to be fed, but this was the first time the young female bird had been seen. The adult female and young male have not been seen since, but the adult male and young female continue to feed around the Center, especially in the early morning.

Hopefully they will remain there for several days to come. The only questions are: where are they roosting now that the nest has been destroyed, where are the adult female and young male (hopefully not far away), and where are they all roosting?

Cattle Tyrants at Biomuseo

The pair of Cattle Tyrants that have taken up residence in the Biomuseo parking lot spent all day yesterday happily confronting their reflections on every windshield in the area, and we have videographic evidence.

A video posted by Darien Montanez (@darien) on
A video posted by Darien Montanez (@darien) on

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Biomuseo Cattle Tyrants: still here

The pair of Cattle Tyrants that showed up at the South side of the Biomuseo lawn are still around. They have been seen every day, vocalizing profusely and seem to have taken residence on the palm trees (coconut and otherwise) around the parking lot and old officers' club.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cattle Tyrants at Biomuseo

A pair of Cattle Tyrants have spent all afternoon on the lawns at the southern side of the Biomuseo, at the very tip of the Amador Peninsula. Here is one admiring Frank Gehry's architectural masterpiece.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Capuchinos Tricolor en Alanje, un reporte por Boris Sanjur

El 30 de mayo, cerca de las 6 de la tarde, cuando realizaba observaciones para su proyecto final en la comunidad de Las Moras, Alanje, Chiriquí, la estudiante de Ciencias Ambientales y Recursos Naturales de la UNACHI, Maryelis Ríos y su hermano Eloy Sánchez observaron un grupo de aves (5) sobre unos arbustos. Envío las fotos más claras que me mostraron donde parecen ser Capuchinos Tricolor (Lonchura malacca).  Tal vez una expansión de Costa Rica.  Como nos comentó Daniel Mclaren es muy probable que hayan ampliado su rango ya que él ha observado grupos de 30 ó 40 individuos en Laurel y Corredores, muy cerca de la frontera panameña.

Prof. Boris E. Sanjur
Biología, UNACHI

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Green Ibis at Pipeline Road

Jacobo Ortega photographed this Green Ibis from the bridge over Quebrada Juan Grande in Pipeline Road on the afternoon of May 23.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Jabiru at the Canopy Tower and Black Swifts galore, a report by Marshall Iliff

Attached are some shots of Jabiru from Canopy Tower on May 2. See:

Black Swift tally: 24 Apr (1), 25 Apr (1), both at Tranquilo Bay lodge. Others (6+) at Boca Rio Changuinola 26 Apr, and one at Canopy Tower 3 May. I have photos of 25 Apr and 26 Apr birds and one passing the Canopy Tower 3 May was photographed by Tim Lenz.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mixed bag of records, by Euclides Campos

While heading back from Coiba Island to Playa Arrimadero on April 26, rougly 8 to 10 miles away from the Hot Spring Trail, I spotted a large gull that turned out to be a Swallow-tailed Gull. I think it is the third record for Panama of this vagrant. John Hornbuckle, Brian Foster and Rodney Martins were with me during this sighting. Other birds seen were 2 Nazca Boobies, plenty of Black Terns, Brown Noddy and a lot of Red-necked Phalaropes.

A White-throated Flycatcher was seen on March 7th at Old Gamboa Road. This is the second record of this difficult to identify Empidonax along the Panama Canal. Just to confirm ID, this bird responded after playback.

Red-tailed Hawk adult seen on January 24th at Lagunas de Aruza, Metetí, Darién. This place is located in the back part of Reserva Hidrológica Filo del Tallo.