Mostrando las entradas de junio, 2008

Tiny Hawk at Parque Metropolitano

Jan Axel Cubilla forwarded a photo of one of the two Tiny Hawks seen by Osvaldo Quintero and Itzel Fong on the stretch of Mono Tití Trail immediately past the turnoff to the construction tower at Parque Natural Metropolitano on June 15. Jan Axel also reports that the Capped Herons are still at Summit Ponds; on June 13 he saw a pair (and photographed one) on the far end of the pond on the left.

Slate-throated Gnatcatcher at Nusagandi

As reported by Bill Adsett: On March 18th 2008 visitors Janet & Jerry Connolly with Bill and Claudia Ahrens and myself observed a pair of Slate-throated Gnatcatchers with a mixed flock at 4.12 km beyond (and roughly at the same elevation as) the Nusagandi Headquarters. In 2007 we had observed another pair much further down the road, virtually in the lowlands [with Mark Letzer and Dave Klauber, in a mixed flock near a stream 11.8 km beyond Burbaryar—i.e. well down the Atlantic slope.]

Pipeline Birds

The Canopy Tower's Carlos Bethancourt photographed this female Green-and-rufous Kingfisher on Thursday, May 29 on one of the creeks after Río La Seda on Pipeline Road. Also seen were a pair of Great Jacamars, King Vulture, Spot-crowned Antvireo and Slate-colored Grosbeak. Then on May 30 José Soto had great views of Slaty-backed Forest-Falcon, also on Pipeline.

Birding the Bayano

This morning's Panama Audubon Society fieldtrip to the Bayano was a complete success. Top target Golden-green Woodpecker was seen within the first half hour of walking the trail. Other exciting eastern Panama specialties seen were One-colored Becard (a pair at a nest), a pair of White-eared Conebills, a few Rufous-winged Antwrens, and a male Black Antshrike (all around the bridge over Río Mono.)