Mostrando las entradas de agosto, 1998

Early Swainson's Hawk at Balboa

A light phase adult Swainson's Hawk was seen soaring over the parking lot of the PCC training center at Balboa. September is way too early for this migrant to arrive to Panama, and this is the first sighting of any migratory raptor for this season that I'm aware of.

Vaux's Swift at Summit Ponds

A single Vaux's Swift was seen in a flock of Short-taileds by the PAS birdwatching course at Summit Ponds. Also seen at the same place were a pair of Blue Cotingas, and (to my knowledge) the first Red-eyed Vireo of the season.

Blue Seedeaters in Cerro Campana

On their drive up Cerro Campana, María Allen and Wally and Sandy Murdoch encountered a pair of Blue Seedeaters right by the road.

Hook-billed Kite in Madden Forest

Loyda Sánchez et al report a Hook-billed Kite on one of the Madden Road trails, Soberania National Park. On one of the Madden Road trails, Soberania National Park (close to tower #12), a male Hook-billed Kite was seen through a Leica APO Televid scope (Eyepiece B 20x to 60x) on Sunday, August 2, 1998 by Judith Anguizola, Carmen Martino, Jose Tejada and Loyda Sanchez. The bird was first inside the forest, it was disturbed by our presence and when we approached went flying just below canopy. It then perched on a horizontal branch. It was observed for about 15 minutes, distance was about 50 meters. Its upperparts were slaty gray, plain gray below (no barring observed), we were all able to see its small yellowish spot in front of whitish eye.