Mostrando las entradas de mayo, 1998

100 Gray Gulls in Costa del Este

Easily a hundred, and possibly more, Gray Gulls were seen at Costa del Este on high tide. We also saw many Elegant Terns and one Caspian Tern . Last week's rains have flooded Costa del Este, creating two different ponds that were full of seabirds during high tide on Saturday and Sunday. They were mostly cormorants, but also Lughing and large groups of Franklin's Gulls, not to mention the Gray Gulls: about 25 were counted on Saturday, and at least a hundred were present on Sunday. Also, a small flock of Surfbirds in full breeding plumage, small flocks of Elegant Terns, a few Common Terns and one Caspian among the commoner Gull-billed and Sandwich's Terns. The ponds were noticeably smaller on Sunday, so it would be wise to check them ASAP, unless it keeps on raining. Expect an article about the Gray Gull Saga on the next Toucan

Gray Gulls in Costa del Este

Karl and Rosbel Kaufmann, with Neil Smith, counted up to 24 Gray Gulls in a pool of rainwater at Costa del Este. Also seen were large numbers of Franklin's Gulls feeding on mosquito larvae.

Speckled Antshrike, Ground-Cuckoo at Cerro Jefe

Bill Adsett, Maria Allen, and Norma and Tatiana Ponce found a male Xenornis and a Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoo on Vistamares Trail, Cerro Jefe.

Gray Gull in Costa del Este

Yet another Gray Gull was seen, this time at Costa del Este. Also present was a flock of Surfbirds , some in breeding plumage.

Gray Gulls at avenida Balboa

Four Gray Gulls were observed a few hours before high tide on avenida Balboa, right across from Galerías Balboa. In the same small flock were a pair of Elegant Terns , a Ring-billed Gull , and a few Franklin's Gulls .

Fortuna trip

Over the weekend, Bill Adsett, Rafael Cortez and Jan Cubilla visited Fortuna and nearby Chiriquí Grande. They had some very interesting sightings, such as Lattice-tailed Trogon , Strong-billed Woodcreeper , Rufous-rumped Antwren , at least 9 or 10 Rufous-breasted Antthrush on the Continental Divide Trail, of which 3 seen well; Black-and-white Becard , a female Bare-necked Umbrellabird observed for 15 minutes on the trail behind IRHE station; Black-thighed Grosbeak , and Sooty-faced Finch . They even saw a puma crossing the road at night about 100 yds from the vivero.