Mostrando las entradas de abril, 1999

Scaled Antpitta at Xenornis Trail, a report by Bill Adsett

Bill Adsett sent a report of a Scaled Antpitta seen briefly on Xenornis trail at Cerro Vistamares. I have not reported sightings for a while. Some of the following may be of interest. The last one definitely will be! While at Nusagandi on Carnival weekend, ........... reported a Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoo sitting in a tree just below the kitchen area, moaning! By the time we got there, it had gone (of course). We (Geoff ...., Jim White and myself) also found a male American Kestrel on the last big finca past Nusagandi, and apparently it is of the isabellinus race from Colombia (like the ones on Cerro Azul). We had very few other sightings worth reporting, although we flushed a pair of Great Curassows close to the Headquarters and the male stayed for several minutes in full view in a tree. On the trip to Cana with Donal and Katie O'Brien, Maria Allen and Ida Herrera, on ...........we saw many of the good species one expects there. Its difficult to pick out what might be of interest

Laughing Falcon at Tocumen

A Laughing Falcon was seen by the PAS fieldtrip to Tocumen Marsh.