Mostrando las entradas de enero, 2003

Coquette at Cerro Azul, still

Seems the male Rufous-crested Coquette has taken permanent residence at the Kaufmann front yard at Cerro Azul. The coquette has been consistently seen since christmas day, 2000. The photo below was taken by Joe Fuhrman, who came on a VENT tour last month.

Manx Shearwater: A New species for Panama

The following acount was stolen from The FieldEditor's Report, by George Angehr, published in the January-February issue of El Tucán. The highlight of this report is a new species for Panama, Manx Shearwater (Puffinus puffinus). The bird was discovered in a weakened condition in the sea near shore at Isla Margarita, near Colón, by Karla and Rogny Aparico and Oris Acevedo, during the Atlantic Christmas Count on 5 January 2003. The bird was taken to the Smithsonian’s Galeta Laboratory, but died the night of 8 January. The bird’s upperparts, including the sides of the rump, were blackish, and the underparts, including the throat and undertail coverts, were pure white. The wing linings also were extensively white. The dark color on the side of the face extended well below the eye. The legs and feet were mostly dark gray, but pink on the inner sides. The slender bill and overall configuration indicate a shearwater of the genus Puffinus. Among small black-and-white Puffinus species, Audu