Mostrando las entradas de septiembre, 1998

Black Noddy at Islas Frailes: a new species for Panama

A Black Noddy was seen on the Islas Frailes del Norte, Pedasí, Herrera. Also seen were hundreds of Brown Noddies, Bridled and Sooty Terns and Brown and Blue-footed Boobies. A Black Noddy was seen on Islas Frailes del Norte (Las Monjas) at 5:00 P.M. on September 12th, 1998. It was observed by Débora Herrera, Evelyn White, Rosabel & Karl Kaufmann, and Delicia, Darién & Camilo Montañez. The day was overcast, and the sea was relatively calm, allowing for excellent views of the bird. Also, the noddy was standing at eye level, which only made things easier. Observation time was about 15 minutes, and we got as close as 3 meters from the rock, and thus the bird. The Frailes del Norte was full of (breeding?) Brown Noddies, so we had plenty of birds of all ages to compare it with. The Black Noddy was first noted by Rosabel, who picked it out from the ones surrounding it by its brighter white crown. It did not move from its spot in the rock, but would sometimes look the other way, so we h

Purple Martin, Snail Kite in Lake Gatún

Loyda Sánchez and Charlotte Elton saw a bunch of Snail Kites and a male Purple Martin flying over Lake Gatún at Nueva Providencia, Colón.

Purple Martin in Gamboa

A female Purple Martin was in a flock of Gray-breasteds on the wires at Gamboa.

Yellow-throated Warbler at Parque Omar

A Yellow-throated Warbler was seen by Solange Anchor, Loyda Sanchez and Jose Tejada on Sunday, September 6 at Parque Omar around 1230 midday. A single specimen, it was very close to the parking area of the National Library and Jose got it on videotape. Jose Tejada had seen this same bird the day before and recorded it with his video camera also. Its behaviour was very much like the Black-and-white Warbler, moving about the main and adjacent trunks of the Caribbean Pines. At times it went flying to the Teak trees that are next to the pine trees. Supercilium was white throughout (Dendroica dominica albilora).

Blue Seedeaters in Cerro Campana

Dannie George et al saw the male Blue Seedeater at Cerro Campana. A pair of White-tailed Hawks and a few warblers were also reported. Our crew of four went to Cerro Campana on Saturday, September 5, looking for the Blue Seedeater, migrant warblers, the Wedge-tailed Grass-Finch, and the red-crowned Ant-Tanager. The latter species was on Mark Letzer's hit list. Mark was visiting from Baltimore, and has birded extensively in Panama, but had never seen the tanager. The others in the party included Maria Allen, Sue Follett, and Daniel George, the undersigned. The real objective of the trip was the Blue Seedeater, last spotted by Sandy and Wally Murdoch, and Maria Allen, Saturday afternoon, August 8, 1998, along the road beyond the INRENARE office. This was the weekend of the PAS fieldtrip to Cerro Campana. The group was also armed with information from the former Fieldeditor, Dodge Engleman, with precise instructions where to find the Blue Seedeater in the park gardens. His instructions

Yellow-throated Warbler at Parque Omar

José Tejada discovered (and video-taped) a Yellow-throated Warbler on the pines around the parking lot of the National Library at Parque Omar. Also seen was a Willow Flycatcher (vocalizing) and a pair of Shiny Cowbirds.