Mostrando las entradas de diciembre, 2014

American White Pelican, still at Panamá Viejo, a report by Rafael Lau

Sunday, December 28. American White Pelican ( Pelecanus erythrorhynchos ), still in the same place for over 3 days straight in the visitors center parking lot in Panamá Viejo, at the left side of the little island! Thanks to José Tejada for helping to get this wonderful shot! [Note: This looks like a full, handsome adult bird, unlike the scruffy juvenile-looking bird photographed last week , so unless pelicans achieve a full moult in eight days we may have a two-pelican situation here.]

Whistling Herons still at Playa Malibú, a report by Paul Oehrlein

Saturday, December 27. Noon. Just returned from a supply trip to Coronado and took a quick drive around my favorite birding spot and noted two of the subject herons just NE of the pond in the medium to tall grass.

American White Pelican at Panamá Viejo

Venicio Wilson: Mikko Oivukka sent me a picture of what thougth to be a Kelp Gull. On Tuesday, December 15 we both went to visit Panama La Vieja, where he saw it the day before, and did not saw the gull but saw an American White Pelican ! Also there was still the Lesser Black-backed Gull . Christian Gernez and I went later to check Costa del Este were we found a first winter Herring Gull . Here's a video shot by Leslie Lieurance also on Tuesday. The bird was then photographed on Wednesday by Orlando Jordán, and seen on Thursday by Camilo Montañez while driving the Corredor Sur.

Possible Kelp Gull at Panamá Viejo

Mikko Oivukka photographed this large gull with a blackish back at Panama Viejo yesterday. It looks like an adult Kelp Gull, or at least something equally interesting. Go get it!

Whistling Herons (!) in Gorgona, a report by Paul Oehrlein

On Monday, December 8 at about 10:30 AM I went down to the pond near Playa Malibú, Gorgona and observed many Least Grebe and one Blue-winged Teal on the water. East of the pond I was watching Snowy and Great Egrets, Little Blue Heron, and at least three   Whistling Herons foraging in the medium to tall grass. Their position was approx. 8 33 28 N 79 51 21 W. They were somewhat shy and moved further back in the field when they took notice of me taking several pictures. I have included three of those. I was so excited, I am not sure whether this is one or three birds! I did see three at once and a few moments later there could have been a fourth. It was difficult to keep track. They did not fly out while I was there and this area is not heavily birded in my experience. I visit irregularly and have yet to encounter any other birders.