Mostrando las entradas de diciembre, 1998

Crane Hawk at Parque Metropolitano

José Tejada, with Mr and Mrs Victor Czaja, found two Crane Hawks at La Cienaguita Trail at the Metropolitan Nature Park.

Bonaparte's Gull in Paitilla, MacGillivray's Warbler in Tocumen

Jay Carlisle, Sarah Hamilton, Larry Barnes and Robin Garwood found a first-winter Bonaparte's Gull flying over the Matasnillo River at Paitilla. Here is the information on the Bonaparte's Gull seen in Panama City on Dec. 23: Observers: Jay Carlisle, Sarah Hamilton, Larry Barnes, Robin Garwood Location: at water outflow near intersection of Via Italia and Ave Balboa (Punta Patilla area) All four of us have seen hundreds and/or thousands of Bonaparte's Gulls in the United States in all plumages and are also experienced at differentiating them from other of the "Black-headed gulls" that could potentially occur. We saw the bird at approximately 1400 (2pm) and observed it clearly in good light at a distance of 50-400 feet for about ten minutes (it was still present when we left for the airport). It was flying up and down stream on the south side of Balboa Ave among numerous laughing gulls. It was in first-winter plumage and we clearly observed the black bill, fleshy le

Blackpoll Warbler in Plantation Road

Jay Carlisle and Sarah Hamilton report a juvenile Blackpoll Warbler seen with a mixed flock on the far end of the parking lot on the entrance to Plantation Road.

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher at Farfán

A Scissor-tailed Flycatcher was seen on the first tree to the left of the left gravel road at the Farfán Antenna Field. It was with a flock of about ten Fork-tailed Flycatchers. Also seen on the same place were a few Dickcissels and a Yellow-billed Cuckoo. On Saturday, December 12th, Karl and Rosabel Kaufmann, Darién Montañez and visiting birders Jay Carlisle and Sarah Hamilton went to the West Bank to stake out birds for the upcoming Pacific Christmas Bird Count. After visiting Farfán Beach, the group went to the Farfán Antenna Field. The gravel road to the right produced almost nothing, but our luck changed when we took the one to the left. On the first small tree on the left side of the road a flock of Fork-tailed Flycatchers had a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher in it. It was an adult, clearly different from its companions in its lack of black in the head. Instead, all of its head was light gray, with just a little black on the lores. It was a pale gray overall, darker on the back,with t

White-tailed Nightjar in Costa del Este

The White-tailed Nightjar at Costa del Este was seen again, this time by José Tejada, Darién Montañez, Loyda Sánchez and Karl and Rosabel Kaufmann. José, who has been going there regularly, says he has seen it every time.