Mostrando las entradas de abril, 2011

Veraguan Mango in Southern Veraguas, a report by Kees Groenendijk

On 20 April, I went to observe macaws near Cerro Hoya NP with Juan Velazques. From our observation point (N7.35011, W 80.78059; decimal degrees, WGS84) we saw not only at least 15 Great Green Macaws , but also several hummingbirds. Our observation point was about 100 m above sea level, so to have Violet Sabrewings visiting flowers there was already somewhat unusual. Even more intereseting, though, was the presence of a Veraguan Mango . On the photo, you can clearly see the maroon rounded tail, all black downcurved bill and the dark blue stripe on the throat.

Black-capped Donacobius and others from Darien, a report by Venicio Wilson

During the first months of 2011 Raul Arias de Para, Daniel Arias, George Angher and I have been birding the patches of forest along the Pan-American Highway from Torti, in eastern Panama province, to Yaviza in Darien Province and here are some our the best sightings: Double-banded Graytail was found nesting in Fundacion Tierra Nueva, near El Salto town. This is possible the first confirmed nest of this specie only found in Eastern Panama, northern Colombia and Northwestern Ecuador. We have seen a total of 3 active nests in different spots of Darien Province and near Torti. White-fronted Nunbirds where seen for about 15 minutes in the headwaters of Torti River, above San Jose Town. Spot-breasted Woodpecker in Torti. The bird seems to be a common resident of Torti Abajo area Barred Forest-Falcon was seen in Cañazas mountain range Rufous-winged Antwren was seen in Arimae Yellow-breasted Flycatcher was seen near El Salto town This extends the range of this specie and confirm i