Mostrando las entradas de abril, 1998

Fasciated Tiger-Heron in Cerro Azul

Loyda Sánchez, Carmen Martino and Mike and Karen McGinty encountered a Fasciated Tiger-Heron foraging on the banks of the Río Indio at Cerro Azul.

Agami Heron at Limbo

The Agami Heron at Limbo Camp was seen again by Loyda, Carmen, Mike and Karen.

Bran-colored Flycatcher at Old Gamboa Road

A Bran-colored Flycatcher was seen on Old Gamboa Road.

Yellow-billed Tern at El Agallito

A Yellow-billed Tern was seen in a flock of a hundred Least Terns at El Agallito, Chitré. A Yellow-billed Tern was seen in a flock of a hundred Least Terns at El Agallito Beach, Chitré, on Sunday, April 19th, by Delicia, Darién and Camilo Montañez and Zeke Jakub, a young ornithologist from Massachusetts. The bird was observed for two to three minutes from a distance of about five meters. It was standing in the mud in front of the group, so it was easy to pick out among the other terns. Its bill was noticeably longer and stouter at the base than that of the Least Terns, and its color was brighter and slightly paler, with no hint of dark near the tip. Since it was standing right next to a hundred Least Terns these differences were even more striking. It had an all-black crown and nape, and the white on its forehead extended back over the eyes forming a thin supercilium, which was absent from the rest of the terns in the group, even those in full breeding plumage. It also seemed to be dar

Sunbittern at Pipeline

Lider Sucre and Anouk Van der Boor found a Sunbittern walking up Río Agua Salud on Pipeline Road.

Agami Heron at Limbo

Loyda Sánchez and Carmen Martino had excellent looks at an Agami Heron on a waterhole just past the entrance to Limbo Camp on Pipeline Road. On the same date, they saw a Glossy Ibis that has spent the last week around the Marina at Gamboa.

Capped Herons at Summit Ponds

Charlotte Elton reports finding two Capped Herons at Summit Ponds.

Gray Gulls in Panama Viejo

The Gray Gulls are still at Panamá Viejo. This time at least three different individuals were seen in flight with other gulls near the mouth of the Río Abajo.

Elegant Tern at Amador

Four Elegant Terns were seen a low tide at Amador. Also present were a few Black Skimmers and Franklin's Gulls .

Black-whiskered Vireos in Plantation Road

Two Black-whiskered Vireos were seen with a mixed flock in Plantation Road.

Golden-naped Woodpecker in Volcán

Dennis Rogers and David Klauber foound a female Golden-naped Woodpecker at the patch of forest off west of Volcan, Chiriquí.

Lovely Cotinga in Chiriqui Grande

Dennis Rogers and David Klauber had good looks at an adult male Lovely Cotinga along the flat south of Chiriqui Grande on the road up to Fortuna .