Mostrando las entradas de septiembre, 2012

Western Kingbird at Naos

Richard Cooke reports seeing a Western Kingbird yesterday afternoon at the parking lot of the STRI Marine Lab at Naos Island, on the Amador Causeway. Even without binoculars, he could see the white outer rectrices. He also noted the olive wash on the chest extending further into the belly than on the typical Tropical Kingbird. What first called his attention to the bird was its unusual behaviour: skulking in a bush.

Black-whiskered Vireo at San Lorenzo

Suzanne Osier photographed this Black-whiskered Vireo today on San Lorenzo Road, close to the entrance of the National Park. It was in a mixed flock with Red-eyed Vireo, Blue Dacnis, Shining Honeycreeper and a female Golden-collared Manakin.

[Western] Willet at Panamá Viejo

Itzel Fong Gadea photographed this [Western] Willet at Panamá Viejo, on September 2.