Mostrando las entradas de marzo, 1998

Gray-cheeked Thrush in Plantation Road

A Gray-cheeked Thrush was seen in Plantation Road.

PAS fieldtrip to Costa del Este

The PAS fieldtrip to Costa del Este had some remarkable sightings, like the return of the Spot-breasted Woodpecker and the Pied Water-Tyrant , which had not been seen in the area in recent times. They also had good looks at the Gray Gull , this time with a flock of Laughing Gulls at Panamá Viejo.

Gray Gull in Costa del Este

The Gray Gull was seen again at Costa del Este, mixed in a group of Laughing Gulls at high tide.

Mississippi Kites in Radar Hill

Rosabel Miró reports at least 300 Mississippi Kites were seen leaving their roost on top of Radar Hill.

Capped Herons in Summit Ponds

Three Capped Herons were seen on Summit Ponds.

Great Curassow in Agua Salud

Danny George saw three female Great Curassows feeding on the ground while walking Río Agua Salud on far Pipeline Road.

Stilt Sandpipers at El Agallito

The flock of Stilt Sandpipers at El Agallito beach was up to at least 50 individuals.The Reddish Egret was not seen.

White phase Reddish Egret in El Agallito

A white phase Reddish Egret was studied carefully for half an hour at El Agallito beach, Chitré, the first report of that color phase from Panama. Also seen were a flock of Stilt Sandpipers . An adult Reddish Egret was studied carefully for half an hour at El Agallito at dusk on Saturday, march 21st by Delicia and Darién Montañez. The observations were made from very short range, and all the fieldmarks could be seen well, eliminating all other possibilities. Even though we are not aware of any previous sightings of white phase Reddish Egrets from Panama, and the fact that it is "unlikely in Panama" (Ridgely, 1989), we are convinced of the accuracy of our identification. It was about 6:00 P.M, and the tide was beginning to rise. After walking out to the water’s edge two times to watch a small flock of terns we were exhausted. We were very disappointed there were no Inca Terns, so I said I would settle for any bird new-for-Panama. I was so tired I would settle for a Reddish

Common Ground-Dove in Sarigua

A pair of Common Ground-Doves were seen on the road to Sarigua National Park, Herrera.

King Vulture in Radar Hill

Raúl Arias saw a King Vulture flying over Radar Hill at about 5 PM. He also saw "huge waves" of migrating Swainson's Hawks flying over the Canopy Tower on top of Radar Hill.

Brewster's Warbler in El Valle

Last sunday at El Valle we saw an odd-looking Blue-winged Warbler. At first we thought it was a Blue-winged, but it didn't look right. It was bright yellow below, with a white vent and lower belly. Like a blue-winged, it had a dark eye-line and no black on the throat, and like a Brewster's, it had grayish ear-coverts and was yellow on the forecrown and olive on the nape and neck. All its back was blue-gray and, like a golden-winged, had two broad yellow wingbars. Overall it looked like a Brewster's, only it had much more yellow below. Maybe it was a hybrid "Brewster's" x Blue-winged? I assume it was in breeding plumage, as its colors were very bright. We saw it in shrubby second-growth next to the road to La Mesa, at least five times for a total observation time of about two minutes. It behaved like a typical Vermivora, gleaning insects from the bark and leaves, and foraged just above eye-level.

Parasitic Jaeger in Punta Chame

A non-breeding adult Parasitic Jaeger was seen harrasing a small flock of Royal Terns at Punta Chame. After a nice day of birding at El Valle (where we had crippling views of Brewster's Warbler), the Montañez family decided to relax at the beach, no birdwatching allowed. But once again our plans were ruined, this time by a Parasitic Jaeger that kept harrasing a small flock of Royal Terns. The Jaeger (that was only seen by Darién) was in winter plumage and was a little bulkier than the laughing gulls flying nerby. When flying, the short, pointed tail streamers and the white on the base of the primaries were very conspicuous. The vent was barred, but belly was distinctly pale, and it was separated from the pale throat by a dark collar. When not chasing a tern, it would float on the surface of the ocean. Don't let spring migration pass you by, get on the field NOW.

Sicklebill and Ground-Cuckoo in El Valle

Danilo Rodríguez, a guide from the Canopy Adventure at El Valle, reports both  White-tipped Sicklebill and  Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoo from the forest around Chorro El Macho.

Plumbeous Hawk in Fort Sherman

The PAS fieldtrip to Achiote Road had a perched  Plumbeous Hawk on the lower road at Pavón Hill, Fort Sherman, close to the collapsed tower.

Gray Gull in Panama Viejo

Paul Coopmans reports his group found a  Gray Gull amongst the Laughing Gulls at Panama Viejo. They also saw the  Blue-footed Boobies and the  Cattle Tyrants at Amador.

Rufous Nightjar in Panama City

José Tejada found a male  Rufous Nightjar near the grassy fields next to El Rey on Ave. 11 de Octubre.

Elegant Tern in Paitilla

Jan Cubilla discovered a non-breeding  Elegant Tern in a large flock of Sandwich Terns on the mouth of the Río Mataznillo, Paitilla.

Bran-colored Flycatcher in Old Gamboa Road

A pair of  Bran-colored Flycatchers were seen on the side road that parallels Old Gamboa Road. Also seen was a small group of  Plain-breasted Ground-Doves .