Parasitic Jaeger in Punta Chame

A non-breeding adult Parasitic Jaeger was seen harrasing a small flock of Royal Terns at Punta Chame.
After a nice day of birding at El Valle (where we had crippling views of Brewster's Warbler), the Montañez family decided to relax at the beach, no birdwatching allowed. But once again our plans were ruined, this time by a Parasitic Jaeger that kept harrasing a small flock of Royal Terns.
The Jaeger (that was only seen by Darién) was in winter plumage and was a little bulkier than the laughing gulls flying nerby. When flying, the short, pointed tail streamers and the white on the base of the primaries were very conspicuous. The vent was barred, but belly was distinctly pale, and it was separated from the pale throat by a dark collar. When not chasing a tern, it would float on the surface of the ocean.
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