Mostrando las entradas de marzo, 2012

Green Ibis near Portobelo

Zeke Jakub photographed this pair of Green Ibis near the bridge over Río Cascajal at Nuevo Tonosí, near Portobelo.

More and more avocets

And, as promised, here are better photos of the  American Avocets at Costa del Este by Osvaldo Quintero. Justo Camargo went looking for them yesterday afternoon and he reports seeing at least eight individuals. Avocets are a rare winter visitor to Panama, and this is the first record of a flock. Have you gone looking for them yet?

American Avocets (as in, more than one) at Costa del Este

While on a routine visit to Costa del Este this morning, Dr. Osvaldo Quintero discovered not one or two, but four American Avocets at the mouth of Río Matías Hernández. He checked a while ago and they are still in the area, so if any of you need this extremely rare winter visitor to Panama, go for it. Better photos to come, for sure.