Mostrando las entradas de marzo, 2015

Cattle Tyrants in Clayton

It was bound to happen. Rosabel Miró reports a pair of Cattle Tyrants has been in the lawns of Clayton for a few days.

Glossy Ibis in Gamboa, a report by Jennifer Wolcott

On our way back from Pipeline, about noon today, Alfred Raab stopped at the Gamboa side of the main bridge, parking at the bus stop. A Glossy Ibis was browsing in the matted vegetation there. Alfred let me know it was rare for the area, so we are passing the info along.

Odd raptor in Fortuna, a report by Natalia Decastro

On february 10th, around 11:40 am, Ramón Fernández Francés, Kim Clark, and Natalia Decastro were birding in Bocas del Toro, along the road close to the continental divide. We first heard and then saw [this odd raptor]. We got some pictures, perhaps not the best, but good enough to see that it is a subadult. [...] [Thinking that this could be a Solitary Eagle, we forwarded the photo to expert Bill Clark, who had this to say: Many thanks for forwarding this to me. But, unfortunately, this is a Common Black Hawk in transition from juvenile to adult plumage. No immature Solitary Eagle would show tail bands like this and a mix of adult and juvenile remiges. The eagle takes three years of so to get adult plumage. I attach a copy of our Birding article that discusses in detail how to identify a Solitary Eagle in the field. Cheers, Bill

Another Painted Bunting, this time at Old Gamboa Road

Carlos Bethancourt photographed this male Painted Bunting at Old Gamboa Road on March 16: The bunting was about 60 meters past Summit Ponds where the canal grass is on both side of the trail... There were one male and three females... Are we witnessing an invasion?

Painted Bunting at El Valle, a report by Bridget Spencer

On March 20th, 2015, a group of 6 birders (myself included) birded Valle   Chiquito, from a tour from Canopy Lodge. We found an adult male  Painted Bunting  in the forest a little bit, just off of the road that goes through the valley. I'm not from the area, so I don't have an exact location - I hope this will do. The eBird reviewer for this area asked me if I could send in this report to you. I have also attached one of my photos.

Long-winged Harrier, Painted Buntings at Juan Hombrón

Venicio Wilson found this Long-winged Harrier at Juan Hombrón on the morning of Saturday, March 21. Also present was a male Northern Harrier and two male Painted Buntings.

Unspotted Saw-whet Owl en Volcán Barú, un reporte por José Tejada

Para quienes estén interesados en encontrar el Unspotted saw-whet Owl ; el búho se encuentra en el área 100 metros más arriba del area de acampar de "Los Mamecillos"; a 2315 m.s.n.m. en la carretera de acceso a la cima del Volcán Barú desde Boquete. Ahí lo divisamos por varios segundos la noche del pasado 10 de marzo a las 12:50 de la madrugada en noche de luna llena.

White-eyed Vireo at San Lorenzo, a report by Howard Laidlaw

While we were birding along the road to San Lorenzo on the 6th March, Peter Boesman found a White-eyed Vireo . The bird was just before the bridge by the guard station. Bird was singing after playback and voice recorded. Bird seen very well, photo above.

Masked Booby in Galeta

Matías Díaz forwards this photo taken in Galeta on February 6. The bird in question, a Masked Booby in its third winter plumage (fide Google Images), came in a weakened state in the morning and voraciously ate the sardines it was fed. By the afternoon it was looking better and took off. It hasn't been seen since.

Elegant Terns at Amador, a report by Howard Laidlaw

Peter Boesman and I had 2 Elegant Terns at Amador Causeway late afternoon 24th February. They were on a floating dock at the back of the Mi Ranchito Restaurant.