Mostrando las entradas de diciembre, 1997

Ducks at Rodman Ponds

Danny George visited Rodman ponds and found four  Wigeon , plus the female  Pintail among the teal.

Ducks at Rodman Ponds, etc.

Five American Wigeon were found in the morning at Rodman Ponds. The Cattle Tyrant was seen on its usual haunts behind the ARI building at Amador. The Herring Gull was there, too. This morning (dec 25) Karla Aparicio, Ruby Zambrano and Darién and Camilo Montañez went to Rodman Ponds to look for the Pintail, but instead found at least five American Wigeon, including a male in breeding plumage. They were first seen in fligh, their size and wing pattern distinguished them from the Blue-winged Teal they were flying with. Once they "landed" the head pattern of the male was seen clearly, the white forehead being very conspicuous. The cinnamon flanks and the contrasting white belly and undertail coverts could also be seen clearly. Later, the group visited the ARI building at Amador where Ruby found a Cattle Tyrant and, minutes later, the Herring Gull. There was only one Blue-footed Boobie in the concrete blocks at Punta Culebra. What better Christmas present than a lifer? Go get

Ducks at Rodman Ponds

The female  Northern Pintail was seen at dusk with a small flock of blue-winged Teal at Rodman Ponds. The  Shovelers were also seen.

Northern Pintail at Rodman Ponds

On sunday, december 14, the Kauftañez family along with the Murdochs and María Allen visited Rodman Ponds at noon in hopes of finding a Sora, but instead discovered a pair of Northern Pintails swimming among the Whistling-Ducks and Shovelers. Rosabel was the first to spot them, their long necks gave them a slim, pintail-like appearance. We approached to get a better look with Wally's scope and were able to observe the male preening.The head was dark brown, darker in the crown and nape, and the breast was white with a few vague buffy spots. We couldn´t see the white line on the sides of the neck, but María did. The flanks were patterned in black and white, and the undertail coverts were black. The tail was pointed, but wasn´t as long as that of an adult male. Then on tuesday, dec 16, Darién, Delicia and Camilo went with Danny George and Steve Droste to look for it and saw the female. It looked "just like the picture", with the same slim shape of the birds seen on sunday. I

Snowy Plovers at Punta Chame

Darién Montañez saw at least five  Snowy Plovers were seen in a flock of peeps on the beach at the end of Calle G, Punta Chame.

Ducks at Rodman Ponds

A pair of  Northern Pintails were seen at noon on Rodman Ponds swimming among the Whistling-Ducks. Also present were about a dozen  Northern Shovelers .

Herring Gull at Amador

The  Herring Gull was seen again, this time behind the ARI building at Amador.