Mostrando las entradas de enero, 1998

PAS trip to Nusagandi

A great day for the PAS group at Nusagandi's Ibe Igar Trail. They had a pair of  Xenornis on the ridge between the first and second stream crossings. Then they had crippling views of a female (or immature)  Black-eared Wood-Quail in a small flock right after the second stream crossing. A pair of  Dull-mantled Antbirds were found at the last stream crossing before the waterfall.

Red-throated Caracara at Nusagandi

A pair of  Red-throated Caracara was found on the main road to Nusagandi about 3 Kms before the field station.

Ground-Cuckoo at Cerro Azul

Bill Adsett reports two  Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoo at 7 a.m. right at the start of Calle Maipo in Altos de Cerro Azul. There was no antswarm in the area, so they think the birds may have been roosting there.