Mostrando las entradas de abril, 2013

Yellow-bellied Tyrannulet in Cuesta de Piedra, a report by Euclides Campos

I visited Cuesta de Piedra with Rick Kirwan on April 19, where I spotted this  Yellow-bellied Tyrannulet (photographed by Rick). This is the second time I see this bird in the area.

Lincoln's Sparrow en Guadalupe

Johnathan Hruska and a group of his Cornell friends found this Lincoln's Sparrow whilst spring breaking in Chiriquí. The bird was seen on March 20 just before dusk, on one of the pastures by the main road in the town of Guadalupe, about 250 meters west of Los Quetzales Lodge. Lincoln's Sparrow is a very rare vagrant, with just three previous records, including one from Finca Lérida in 1988. Then on April 10, Genover Santamaría published another photo of Lincoln's Sparrow, also from Guadalupe. This is most likely the same bird, unless we're talking full-fledged invasion.

Yellow-headed Blackbird near David

On April 5, Craig Bennett photographed this young male  Yellow-headed Blackbird  amongst a flock of Bronzed Cowbirds on the edge of a dry rice field on the road from David to Playa Barqueta. The site is approximately 15 km SW from David on the road to Las Olas, a Chiriqui beach resort. This would be the third record of the species from Panama, previously recorded from the Canal Area.

Burica Specialties, a report by Bill Adsett

On a brief noon-birding trip to Puerto Armuelles I did manage to escape a couple of times to bird. The Rose-throated Becard was at El Manguito on April 5, about 10 km west of Puerto on the way to El Choorogo. This species has been seen on just about every trip to El Chorogo and twice before at almost this exact site. Mangrove Cuckoos are not uncommon on Burica but they are usually rather retiring. According to books, this species has not been found to nest or call in Panama. This individual was unusally active on April 6, flying around in open paddocks with scattered trees just behind the Romero supermarket in downtown Puerto Armuelles (!) More remarkably, it called several times. The underparts were really colourful, not pale at all.

Red-throated Caracara in Pipeline Road, a report by Natalia Sarco

El dia de hoy 11 de Abril de 2013 a eso de la 7:00 a.m. estabamos el Sr.  Alciviades Zarco, Sr.Ivan Muñoz (ambos de mantenimiento) y mi persona, Natalia Sarco, preparando todo para la apertura del Centro de Vistiantes del Panama Rainforest Discovery Center cuando de pronto escuchamos un fuerte sonido muy similiar a de una guacamaya (cáao cáao) cuando de pronto vimos un ave pasar a una altura de como 25 metros. Volo tan bajo q se le vio el color fuerte naranja de las patas. Tambien vi la parrte inferior color blanco desde la base  de la cola hasta mas o menos la mitad del ave (pecho) Luego era toda negra. El area inferior o debajo del pico era anaranjada. Lo que me convencio de que estabamos ante una Caracara Avispera fue el canto y la coloracion de la parte inferior. Esta discripcion y su tamaño es diferente a las otras aves que tenemos en el area. No pudimos hacer ningun video, foto o grabacion pues nos tomo por sorpresa la visita. Es la primera vez que veo y escucho esta ave.

Gray-throated Leaftosser in Fortuna

Euclides Campos found Gray-throated Leaftosser at two different sites in Fortuna on April 1. This is the easternmost record of this rarely-reported species, which has been previously found at similar elevations further west. Other notable sightings included Black-banded Woodcreeper, Scaly-throated Foliage-Gleaner, Highland Tinamou, Sooty-capped Finch, Chiriqui Quail-Dove, Barred Parakeet and Ruddy Woodcreeper.

Elegant Euphonia nests in Altos del María

Feb 17 2013: Alfred Raab and Fritz Furrer and observed a male and a female Elegant Euphonia in Altos del Maria. The male was collecting nesting material and building a nest, elevation approx. 1000m. In the picture, the nest opening can be seen in the moss above the branch, top left corner.

Woodstar feeds Starthroat

Terry van Niekerk sent in this photo of a Magenta-throated Woodstar feeding a young Long-billed Starthroat at their Boquete garden. Photo taken February 16.