Mostrando las entradas de junio, 1999

Capped Heron at Howard

Wally Murdoch reports a Capped Heron on a creek by the stables at Howard Air Force Base. On 27 June 1999 at 0640 hours I observed a Capped Heron at Howard Air Force Base. It was feeding in the small stream to the right that crosses under the main road to the base just before the Stables as one travels South. I stopped to observe it better, it saw me and flew into the underbrush upstream. It was about the size of a cattle Egret, entirely white except for the beak which was blue and the top of head which was black.

Dowitchers at Costa del Este

The Kaufmanns report more than 25 Short-billed Dotwichers on Costa del Este, about four of them were in partial breeding plumage. Also, a Pearl Kite was also seen at the same location.

Franklin's Gull in avenida Balboa

A Franklin's Gull in full breeding plumage was seen flying along avenida Balboa. The white on the tips of the primaries was especially noticeable.

PAS trip to Santa Fe

The PAS fieldtrip to Santa Fe, Veraguas, made some interesting additions to the list of birds known from the area, including Great Potoo and a flock of Black-headed Saltators.