Mostrando las entradas de junio, 2012

Mixed bag

Euclides Campos sends in some noteworthy records from the first half of 2012. A White-eyed Vireo  was seen at Bayano Lake on February 16th. This bird was calling.  On February 25th, leading a group at Las Lajas Beach, Chiriqui; We saw a hundreds of Blue-winged Teal, three American Wigeon and my lifer, a male Cinnamon Tteal . This bird was seen through three scopes. We managed to take some shots but not so well. Yellow-bellied Tyrannulet : heard at Cuesta de Piedra on February 27th 2012. Sounds like the other Ornithion we have in Panama but slightly different. On June 1th, a pelagic trip using the hot spring trail of Coiba Island as a starting point, 32 miles SSE. We saw two Wedge-tailed Shearwaters , one Sooty Shearwater, two Black, three Least Storm Petrel, two Nazca Boobies , eight Parasitic Jaegers and plenty of Wedge-rumped Storm Petrels.