Mostrando las entradas de febrero, 1998

Spectacled Owl nest in Gamboa

Carmen Martino reports a  Spectacled Owl with a nest (with owlet and all) next to her house in Gamboa.

Snail Kite in Gamboa

A female  Snail Kite was seen working Ammo Dump Lake. No Tree swallows were present, though.

Tree Swallows in Gamboa

The VENT group saw a huge flock of Tree Swallows flying over Ammo Dump Pond at Gamboa at 5 p.m. The same group was seen at about the same time on Friday. A H-U-G-E flock of Tree Swallows were seen by the VENT group leaded by Dr Ridgely last saturday at 5 pm, as they were flying over Ammo Dump Lake in Gamboa. The group of a few hundred birds were also seen (if not identified) on friday at about the same time.

Snowcap at El Copé

At least two  Snowcap were seen briefly at the second stream at El Copé. Also, a pair of  Dull-mantled Antbirds were seen at the same place.