Mostrando las entradas de junio, 2000

Return of the Brown-chested Martins

Bill Porteous reports seeing at least 500 Brown-chested Martins perched on the transmission lines around El Llano, on the road out to the Darién. Last year large numbers were seen on the same area. Here is the report.

Blue-and-gold Tanager in Cerro Jefe

Bill Porteous had great views of a Blue-and-gold Tanager on a mixed flock on Cerro Vistamares Trail, beyond Altos de Cerro Azul.

Great Curassow in Gamboa

José Tejada spent the morning scouting the trails beyond the former Gamboa stables (now part of the Rainforest Resort). He said there is good habitat in there, but the trail is not in good condition and it's easy to lose your way. The best part of his report is his sighting of a male Great Curassow, a species that is very rare even in Pipeline Road.

Birding Summit Ponds

Delicia, Pedro, Camio and Darién Montañez made a short visit to Summit Ponds and found a nest of Boat-billed Herons with a downy chick in it, on the fallen trees on the left pond. As an added bonus, a Bran-colored Flycatcher was heard, but not seen, singing from the shrubs to the right of the road about 100 meters before the ponds.

Cattle Tyrants at Amador

The Cattle Tyrants at the ARI Building in Amador are still around. One, or maybe two, birds were seen by Rosabel Miró, Guido Berguido and Darién Montañez on the back of the building, and a few minutes later on the grass beyond the parking lot, next to the old golf course.