Whistling Herons (!) in Gorgona, a report by Paul Oehrlein

On Monday, December 8 at about 10:30 AM I went down to the pond near Playa Malibú, Gorgona and observed many Least Grebe and one Blue-winged Teal on the water. East of the pond I was watching Snowy and Great Egrets, Little Blue Heron, and at least three Whistling Herons foraging in the medium to tall grass. Their position was approx. 8 33 28 N 79 51 21 W. They were somewhat shy and moved further back in the field when they took notice of me taking several pictures. I have included three of those. I was so excited, I am not sure whether this is one or three birds! I did see three at once and a few moments later there could have been a fourth. It was difficult to keep track. They did not fly out while I was there and this area is not heavily birded in my experience. I visit irregularly and have yet to encounter any other birders.