Ornate Hawk-Eagle at Achiote Road

An adult Ornate Hawk-Eagle was seen on Achiote Road, Colon, between the first and second bridge. Also of note that day was a male American Kestrel on the fields past the Gatun Spillway.
On sunday, october 24th, Rosabel and Karl Kaufmann and Darién Montañez went over to the Atlantic Side to add birds to our NTT world bird count list. The Snail Kites were at their usual haunt on the pond by the railroad crossing past the entrance to Ft. Davis, perched on the fenceposts next to the water. The grassy fields on the earth dam past the Gatun Spillway produced a male American Kestrel, also perched on a small post. But the bird of the day was, without a doubt, an adult Ornate Hawk-Eagle seen soaring over Achiote Road at noon. Our first guesses ranged from Gray Hawk to Hook-billed Kite (which we were desperately seeking for the count). Its broad, rounded wings and longish tail were barred black and white, and the white breast had bold black splotches. The throat was white and the sides of the neck and head were a rich chestnut color. Try as we did we were not able to see its crest or check if the legs were feathered to the toes. As far as i know, it's been quite a while since that species was reported from the canal area, but i may be wrong. it was pretty cool, anyways.