Swallow-tailed Gulls in the Bay of Panama

And speaking of spectacular records from the past, Zeke Jakub has uncovered a number of videos he took of Swallow-tailed Gulls some years ago:
I am going through my sightings .... and I have [a lot] of Swallot-tailed gull sightings at night in the Bay of Panama while was working on the crucero... we were always crossing the pearls out to past azuero and I have records everytime of Swallow-tails following the ship at night.
No photos, impossible at night. But I took some many videos of em flying around the ship and you can hear them clicking... Very cool. Probably 4-6 trips through the bay at night and every time I observed swallow tailed gulls always, of course, at night.
We're waiting for the dates and coordinates of the sightings, but in the meantime here's video of three of the sightings.