Mixed bag from the Panama Audubon Hawkwatch station at Ancón Hill, a report by Ariel Aguirre

Oct. 2nd: Hook-billed Kite, soaring at early morning seen by Ariel Aguirre and Dominciano Alveo.

Oct 3rd: Veery seen by Ariel Aguirre on the street from Mi Pueblito. The bird was seen again on Oct. 9th on the road leading to the National Police communications antenna in the hill upper section, and for the third time around our station where it was photographed by Ariel Aguirre and Domiciano Alveo. Also Oct. 9th a Black-billed Cuckoo was seen by Ariel Aguirre.

Oct. 31st: Great Black Hawk; two individuals in flight were seen by Ariel Aguirre and Beny Wilson.

Nov. 5th: a Gray-cheeked Thrush was seen by Beny Wilson on the stairway next to the security checkpoint at the base of the hill

Nov. 8th: Shinning Honeycreeper (female) first sighting ever for Ancón Hill seen by Domiciano Alveo and photographed by Ariel Aguirre.