Thursday, November 10, 2011

Red-tailed Hawk at Cerro Ancón, a report by Daniel Hinckley

On November 3rd, 2011 I saw and photographed an immature Red-tailed Hawk at Cerro Ancón during the hawk count. A previous report from a few years ago was met with some skepticism so we hope this will lay any doubts to rest. We've also counted 7 Northern Harriers and 11 Merlins this year, all since October 1st. We'll be up there till November 18th, so please feel free to stop by for a visit. We're getting close to last year's record of 1.77 million raptors.

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Bill Adsett said...


Was the accompanying map supposed to show all Red-tailed Hawk sightings in Panama? If so, you will see that Cerro Punta is not indicated. Nor is El Chorogo, where a pair were seen and identified by Claudia and Bill Ahrens.
I guess the marker to the east of Fotuna is Cerro Colorado. If not, I saw the bird there on one of my trips. Keep up the good work! Bill