More on the Audubon Panama Cape May Warblers (as in plural)

Breaking News: Expert opinion on the weird streaky warbler first seen on Thursday is that it's a female Cape May Warbler in winter plumage. Quoth George Angehr:
Seems a little yellower than I remember. However, that doesn't make any difference for the ID. It seems completely consistent with fall female Cape May, and inconsistent with anything else.
On not so breaking news, both birds are still being seen in front of the Audubon Panama office in Llanos de Curundu. Rafael Luck sent in he photo above, taken on Friday afternoon. Jan Axel Cubilla tells the story of his Wednesday afternoon hunt for the male over at his blog. Then on Saturday afternoon he was back, this time with Itzel Fong and Michael Froude, and found the male at 6:02 pm. Don't miss your chance to see these spectacularly pretty and spectacularly rare visitors. Come and get'em!