Birding Los Quetzales Trail

Darién Montañez spent most of November 12 walking Los Quetzales Trail from the Boquete side. Bird of the day was a Buff-fronted Foliage-Gleaner seen with a large mixed flock near Quebrada El Silencio, at around 2150 m. The bird was about the size of the Buffy Tuftedcheeks nearby, but was completely unstreaked with a brownish back and ochre underparts, brighter around the throat and chest. The buff forehead and superciliary and gray cap were also very conspicuous. It foraged actively at eye level, sometimes right by the trail, affording for long and conscientious study.
Also notable was a pair of Black-banded Woodcreepers, also with a mixed flock, this time at around 2200 m, about halfway from El Silencio to the Respinguito rest area. Conveniently, they also stayed near eye level and near the trail, allowing all the fieldmarks to be noted.