Birding Cerro Punta and environs

Continuing on their race for the 600+ year list, Rosabel & Karl Kaufmann and Darién Montañez moved to the Cerro Punta area. November 8 at Las Nubes we had Collared Trogon, Fiery-throated Hummingbird, and a mixed flock with Barred Becard and White-fronted Tyrannulet. Rainy Volcán Lakes was, as reported, full of migrants. A big flock of warblers and vireos included a male Rose-throated Becard and a nearby young male bird with slaty wings, and a nearby White-winged Becard for comparison. November 9 had us at El Respingo Trail, where we found an off-season Resplendent Quetzal and a covey of Spotted Wood-Quail scrambling across the road.
On November 10, Glen Lee joined us for another visit to Volcán Lakes. This time we ran onto an even bigger flock of warblers, this one with a male Blackpoll Warbler in basic plumage, distinguished from the nearby Bay-breasteds by the clear black streaks on its flanks, and a Prairie Warbler, distinguished from the nearby Blackburnians by the clear black streaks on its flanks, its yellow underparts and distinct facial pattern. Rosabel ventured into the bush, where she found a Worm-eating Warbler. Then at Finca Hartmann we had a male Western Tanager in basic plumage on one of the trees by the parking lot and another flock of Spotted Wood-Quail scrambling across one of the trails. Finally, on the morning of November 11, Darién had a Slaty Finch at Finca Drácula.