Wandering Tattler at Playa Venao, a report by Bill & Claudia Ahrens

Spent all of Sunday [August 8] at Playa Venao - we added Wandering Tattler to our lifelist. We walked down the beach to the left (east). Saw a number of birds working a lagoon area that's newly forming on the beach. Great Blue Heron, Whimbrel, Spotted & Solitary Sandpipers, Wilson's Plovers. crossed the inlet to the lagoon and had 3 Scarlet Macaws flying inland from the beach. Continued to the end of the beach where a small creek flows into the ocean. Across the creek & out further the coast gets rocky. On the rocky coast we saw what we believe was a Wandering Tattler - larger, plumper & grayer than either of the Sandpipers & bobbing. There is a small off-shore island there.