Speckled Antshrike in Cerro Azul, a report by Charles Vachon

For two days in Cerro Azul, we hired Ismael Hernando "Nando" Quiroz as a guide, who is the Birder's View lodge caretaker. On march 29th, in the trail system below Birders' View, Nando discovered a female Speckled Antshrike. We observed the bird without too much difficulty for around 10 minutes. I was able to take some (pretty bad) photos of it using a point-and-shoot digital camera, and maybe more importantly I was also able to record both it's song and calls using a digital voice recorded.
Nando was delighted that these proofs of the presence of the Xenornis were obtained. He told us that he had a male Speckled Anthshrike in the same place 2 years ago, but without anything to substantiate his record, and that this would be maybe the first documented record for the Birders' View surroundings.