Solitary Eagles [sic] (as in plural) at Altos del María, a report by Alfred Raab

[It has been noted that the tail looks way too long for Solitary Eagle, projecting well beyond the wing tips. We'll have to wait for the recording of its call to confirm the ID]
[UPDATE: After hearing the recordings, we're calling these birds Great Black Hawks.]
On March 9, 2010 Alfred Raab and Dave Milsom observed 2 Solitary Eagles [sic] at Altos del Maria (close to the same area as my last report from January). We first heard the bird calling and then saw one flying away and the other landed on a tree top. We observed the bird on the tree top for about 5 min, during this time it was calling continuously.
I have attached photos which are of poor quality due to the distance, but are for documentation purposes only. Also I was able to make a sound recording.