More on the Miguel de La Borda Mangoes

His Formerfieldeditorshipness Dodge Engleman weighs in on the identity of the Mangoes photographed during the PAS trip to Miguel de La Borda, Donoso, in eastern Colón:
I think we have to go with Veraguan Mango: no black in male breast; black in juv. doesn’t go up to the bill. But this group is a mess and may yet prove to be variation in a single sp. Unless there is a size or bill shape difference of course in which case it will bear waiting until enough specimens are collected (only window kills I hope!) to work it out. I was thinking that when we went to Panajungla in the mid ‘90’s we were referring to Storrs Olson’s paper on Bocas (’93) for our diagnosis of Breen-breasted and I believe I recall he mentioned differences in the rufous on the underparts.

The HBW isn’t much help, even with references. May a note to NEORN would result in a reply re reference to Anthracothorax?