Pied Water-Tyrant at mouth of Río Pacora, a report by Matt Miller

Oscar López, Alonso Santos and myself saw several Fluvicola pica inside the borders of the mangroves near the mouth of the Pacora this morning. They were feeding along side Charadrius minutilla (also inside the mangrove forest?!?) at swarming flies over the mud. Tide was at its absolute high.
Other migrants included several species of Tringa, Himantopus, Charadrius semipalmatus, but in general, migrant numbers seemed low.
I should note that this is not a very nice site to bird, as the habitat is quite unattractive and scores of men work all day as paleros shoveling sand for the cement companies. We've had stuff stolen from our truck on earlier trips.
I should probably mention that there was a lone Tachybaptus dominicus and several Tyrannus dominicensis a bit in towards Felipillo at this site back in mid-February, along with a lone Herpetotheres cachinnans.