More on the American Avocet

Alfred Raab sent in the details about the American Avocet:
I discovered the Am Avocet on Thursday [March 6], seen at 9 am on the way out to Punta Chame and again at 4 pm at the same location together with about 100 Stilts. The location is about half way out between Bejuco and Punta Chame. Going out at the left are large flats for rice plantations or something else, all dried up. At this point, accross the road, is a small dirt road, go down the dirt road for less than 100 m. There are ponds on both sides of the road. The Avocet was on the left side with the Stilts. The birds are very shy, approach very slowly. The bird was also seen by my friend Peter Willi of Switzerland. I reported the bird yesterday to Ken Allaire.
We'll try for it tomorrow morning, maybe afternoon too. More to come.