Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Marbled Wood-Quail in Pipeline Road

The Canopy Tower's Carlos Bethancourt reports that the Canopy Tower's José Pérez reported seeing a Marbled Wood-Quail in Pipeline Road, directly under the pipeline, about 500 m beyond the Juan Grande bridge. It's reassuring that this formerly-uncommon species still survives in the area. As far as I can remember, the last report was on a Christmas Bird Count sometime in the late nineties.

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The Online Ornithologist said...

Hi, I just thought I'd add something to add to this report. In June 2003 I came across a family of Marbled Wood-Quails in the Limbo Plot on Pipeline Road. The adults were both with a large brood of chicks, possibly 8 or so. Both adults defended the chicks as they scurried for cover. I was surprised at the time as I hadn't heard any wood-quails in the area before (and haven't since).

David Bradley