Mixed Bag.

José Carlos García and Billy Sandoval sent in a June 2, 2007 report (with photos!) of the endemic Azuero Parakeet from the boundaries of Cerro Hoya National Park, near the town of Cobachón. They saw 3 different flocks of about 12 individuals that were moving back and forth in the more open hilly areas close to forest. Locally this parakeet is known as “guaquita” (i.e. little macaw), because from distance, when perched, it resembles a miniature version of a Great Green Macaw.

Lelis Navarete sent in the following highlights from a birding expedition to Panama from March 24 to April 06 2007:
Gray-breasted Crake - Heard at the grass field across the road from the San Lorenzo preserve ranger´s headquarters while waiting to pay the entrance fee to the place. This is a species I know very well from the amazonian range in southamerica where a fairly common bird in the right habitat. Heard on March 26/2007.
Dunlin - One single bird was seen at the Costa Este in the Panama bay mud flats. The bird was feeding alone in the vicinity of 1000s of both Semipalmated and Western Sanpipers. It was seen on March 31 in the late afternoon.
Elegant Tern - A few (3) were seen together with Royal terns resting in the bay at the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal near Country in Amador Hotel, pictures were taken, others (10) in the distance in the Panama bay mud flats. March 24 and March 31.
Yellow-crowned Amazon - This bird should not count as seen in the trip, the bird was seen perched on the shoulder of a Kunayala woman in the Ailigandi village, the important here is that if the assumption that the woman or someone on her family got that pet bird from mainland in the San Blas area, probably small extension to this species range. April 2.
Charming Hummingbird - One juvenile bird was seen and photographed along the very disturbed area of the Cuesta de Piedra road at 1000 m, in the way from David to Guadalupe, pictures were taken on April 4.