More migrants from Gatún

José Tejada sent in a bunch of additional reports:
On april 12 I went again to the same area where I saw the Nashville Warbler on march 31 (the dirt road that connects the Gatun Yacht Club and Dock 45), this time I walked further in and I saw another great bird about two feet above the ground below a little tree full of vines. I heard the bird chipping and then I saw it about 10 feet from where I was standing. I had a good look through my binoculars; a male Connecticut Warbler. At first glance it looked to me as a mourning warbler with an eye ring like the one of a yellowish flycatcher; the bird had a gray hood with no black on the breast, yellow belly, olive back and wings and pink legs.
The bird was foraging on the twigs of a shrub at the edge of the road and then it flew further in disappearing. I could see it for about 8 seconds through my binoculars, before it disappeared.
At the same area I saw few minutes later a flock of Swainson's Hawks circling very low where I spotted a single Krider's Red-tailed Hawk. Very pale with a light reddish tail. In that same area on the day of the Nashville Warbler (march 31), i had a Gray Catbird and a flock of Tree Swallows that I could identify when they perched on the power lines. On the way back, close to the Gatun Yacht Club, I saw a male Mourning Warbler. And on april 7 I saw a Male Common Yellowthroat, the Gray Catbird again, a Gray-cheeked Thrush and a molting male Blue Grosbeak.