Mixed bag

José Tejada sent a bunch of interesting reports:
Jan. 17: Male Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and a basic-plumaged Blackpoll Warbler at Mono Tití Rd, Metropolitan Nature Park.
Jan. 21: Female Cerulean Warbler at Achiote Road.
Feb. 13: Female Golden-cheeked Warbler seen on the road up to Respingo in Cerro Punta, at pretty much the same spot where he saw the first Panama record on 3 january 2005.
Feb. 14: Warbling Vireo in Finca Hartmann. Second Panama record.
Feb. 21: Female Cape May Warbler at a flowering guácimo colorado tree in front of the one-story bunker on the left at the base of Mono Tití Rd, Metropolitan Nature Park. Also on the same day, he had a Worm-eating Warbler from the lookout halfway in on Mono Tití Rd.