Black-banded Woodcreeper at Fortuna

On may 04, 2003, the group of Jose Tejada, Ariel Aguirre and Luis Paz saw a Black Banded woodcreeper while walking halfway the gravel road of the continental divide north of Fortuna. I (Jose Tejada) estimate we were already in bocas when we saw the bird. It flew across the road and landed in a low tree about 4 m. from the ground. The bird reminded us a barred woodcreeper but had a lot of buffy streaking in the breast and a light brown lower breast and belly with very distinct black barring. The bird was large size and the bill reminded the cocoa woodcreeper's bill but somewhat heavier. We saw this bird for about 2 minutes with our binoculars (nikon venturer lx 8x42, zeiss victory 10x42, konus 10x42) as the bird climbed the tree inspecting the mosses.