Vermillion Flycatchers at Batipa

On Sunday, March 31 at Finca Batipa, Chiriquí, at around 10:00 am, Luis Ríos, Janice Jorgensen and Loyda Sánchez saw a male and two female Vermillion Flycatchers. The male was seen briefly and its red plumage contrasted with the green foliage of the bushes where the females were perched. The females had whitish chests with dusky vertical streaks, white throats and yellow undertail coverts. The females were seen first, and were observed for about five minutes from a distance of about 10 meters. The birds we saw match the illustration of a first year female in The Sibley Guide to Birds (p. 331). The male, which was only seen for about five seconds, had its characteristic red-and-black plumage and was unmistakable. The facial pattern of the females was similar to that of the male, but in white and gray.
(report sent in by Loyda Sánchez)