Birding Bayano, a report by Bill Adsett

On February 27 Mark Letzer and I did some birding beyond the Bayano bridge and on the lake.
Amongst the birds seen were One-colored Becard (pair), White-eared Conebill, Black Antshrike and Red-billed Scythebill. The most birdy places were at and around the bridge 3-4 kms beyond the Bayano bridge, and in dried out stream beds which can be entered from the lake (Mateo, who hangs out on the boat ramp next to the Bayano bridge can take you around the lake). On the lake, Anhingas were everywhere.
A Rufous-breasted Hermit was nesting in the most precarious circumstances, in a nest suspended from a split heliconia leaf over a trail which was being violently blown around by the wind. There were two white eggs. Contrary to the nesting habits mentioned in the book, this nest appeared to be on its own and not guarded by a male; nor was the nest over a stream.
We also saw a group of Variable Seedeaters among which was one individual with a large white spot on the cheek. We are not going to claim it was a Lesson's, but anyone going out that way might look out for it and check it more closely.