Purple Martins Galore!

On the morning of Sunday, august 5th, Rosabel and Karl Kaufmann and Camilo Montañez saw a flock of Purple Martins flying over the Kaufmann Cerro Azul Villa. About five of them were adult males (with an all-dark plumage), but the age/sex/identity of the others could not be verified. Also, a few Cliff Swallows were tossed in for variety.
Then on the following Saturday, August 11th, Rosabel and Karl saw another small flock, this time made-up exclusively of females/juveniles, perched on a wire somewhere in Altos de Cerro Azul.
Then on the following Tuesday, August 14th, Tim Mitzen and Katie Svihlik, visiting birders from Colorado, and Darién Montañez had a flock of about 15 birds, males and females/juveniles, perched on and flying around the transmission lines over the railroad tracks by the Gamboa Ammo Dump.
And then on the following Saturday, August 18th, the PAS fieldtrip to Tocumen Marsh had at least two males (and who know how many juvenile/females) flying over the rice fields on the far end of the finca.