Olive-throated Parakeet in Bocas del Toro

Bill Porteous sent in this report:
On Thursday 25th January 2001 I was birding the north slope of Filo Riscó, which is reached on a road that leaves the new Punta Peña -Almirante road at Km 61, when a single Olive-throated Parakeet flew into roadside vegetation. It was a small parakeet, about the size of Brown-throated. The entire head, including the sides, was green. The very prominent white eye-ring was slightly broader in front of the eye than behind it, and the bill was creamy white, with a grey horizontal band on the culmen just below the nostrils. The mantle, back, rump, upperwing coverts and tail were green, the tail with some subterminal blue shading. The flight feathers were blue, the secondaries with prominent green margins. The underparts, from throat to belly, were uniform yellowish olive.
The bird was watched for about 15 minutes at down to about 5m range with 7x42 binoculars as it climbed about in the vegetation and fed on 'balso' flowers.