Birding Azuero Peninsula

Bill Porteous and Indra Candanedo spent the weekend on the Azuero Peninsula and sent a report on some interesting sightings:
Aplomado Falcon. An adult, possibly 2, or the same bird seen twice. First seen on Friday 11 Feb hunting over a recently cut cane field just south of Divisa on the road to Chitré. Then on Sunday 13 Feb perched on a utility tower just west of Aguadulce by the side of the Panamerican Highway. These two sites are quite close together, which is why I think it may be the same bird.
Caspian Tern. Two, with Gull-billed Terns, at the Ciénaga de las Macanas in Herrera, on 13 Feb. We watched both of them for some time as they flew around near the observation tower. The all-dark crown and thick, dark red bill were well seen as was the obvious dark tip on the underwing formed by the dark outer primaries. There was a flock of about 45 Lesser Scaup there as well.
Prairie Warbler. An adult male in good plumage. This one was in a patch of mangrove 24Km west of Pedasí on the road to Tonosí by the mouth of the Río Oria, reacted very strongly to "pishing" and was extremely well seen.