Ground-Cuckoo at Cerro Azul

Bill Adsett reports a few Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoos at an antswarm at the end of Calle Maipo, in Altos de Cerro Azul.
Today at the end of Calle Maipo in Altos de Cerro Azul there was an antswarm with two, maybe 3 Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoos. Birds first recognised by loud bill snapping which came from at least 2 different directions. The bird I pursued but did not see for some time continued to bill snap, but lightly, the sound somewhat reminiscent of Red Capped Manakin. It had me completely fooled by staying up in trees instead of doing the normal thing of staying on the ground. When I eventually saw it, all too briefly, it seemed to lack the lustrous plumage of the adult. When it flew - almost immediately, it made such of a mess of it that it crashed into foliage, fell on the ground and disappeared!. I wonder if it was a young bird, and the light bill snapping was a way of keeping touch with the parents. Who knows?