Cattle Tyrants at Amador

The Cattle Tyrants at Amador were seen again. This time the pair was accompanied by what looked like a juvenile bird.
On Monday, November 8th, 1999, Rosabel Miró and Delicia, Darién and Camilo Montañez went to amador to look for Cattle Tyrants. The gate to the ARI building was closed and the guard didn't let us in, so we drove along the road slowly. Then in the lawn just before the gate to the main building rosabel spotted one, running after bugs in the grass like they do. After parking the car further along, a second bird was found, in the same lawn. And then a third. We think this third bird was a juvenile, because its plumage was not evenly colored: the contrast between the tail and the back was even more evident, and the underparts were splotched with yellow and grayish, with whitish tufts under the wings. This bird was away from the other two, foraging by itself, and after a while flew up to the eaves of the building where it kept on foraging.