Plumbeous Hawk in Achiote Road

A Plumbeous Hawk was seen halfway between the second and third bridges on Achiote Road.
On Sunday, november 8, Loyda Sánchez, Darién and Camilo Montañez, Karl Kaufmann and José Tejada and a group of Achiote residents taking the birdwatching course found a Plumbeous Hawk preening high in a tree about halfway from the second to the third bridge on Achiote Road. It was observed at length through the Kaufmann and Sanchez Scopes, and Leica and Swarowski (sp?) brand binoculars. It was perched with its back to our group, and calling like Plumbeous Hawks do. Its back was completely slaty gray, and it had a white band throuth its dark tail. The legs were bright reddish-orange, as was the cere.
At first it was assumed to be a common Semiplumbeous Hawk, but its eyes were red, not yellow. Later, our suspicions proved correct when its throat and belly were seen to be the same slaty-gray color as the back and wings, and not white. Total observation time was about 15 minutes, after which the group became bored with the bird and decided to keep walking, eventually finding a male Bare-crownded Antbird calling right beside the road.
The trail through the cafetal by the third bridge produced White-headed Wrens, plus a possible Montezuma Oropendola that was heard and then glimpsed briefly as it flew away from the group.